To Ninos’s pleasure, Ionci showed up to school regularly after the day he turned up. To his displeasure, something very bad was happening with the school. The kids were smoking all of a sudden and were found taking hard drugs and alcohol at the end of the hallways and on the school’s yard. People were found kissing and messing around (which was not allowed), grades were going down. Kids were dropping out of school at an alarming rate to do drugs or raise their babies, and it was shocking; the teachers didn’t know what to do anymore, or what it was causing it. 

Teachers were doing their best to keep relevant and keep the students well, students. In a desperate attempt, they started giving them good grades to start motivating them, even if they completely messed up on the tests. Now, not all students were like that, but the vast majority of them were beginning to take a very, very wrong path. Weirdly, the parents didn’t do almost anything to try straighten their children. Like they were content with how this was going.

          The French teacher was walking to his class, his head hanging low and with his classbook underneath his arm. He was sick of another cigarette smelling class or of another student throwing up on it’s desk. God, he was lucky he didn’t see anyone die yet, since they weren’t too far away from that either. 

The tall man entered the class and sat down at his desk. He didn’t even bother greet them; most of them were stoned or drunk anyways. His big hand took out a chalk piece from his bag. Teachers now had to make sure to bring their own things, since the students were now known to steal all kinds of stuff. It was beyond their understanding why they would need to steal chalk, but nonetheless Ninos began writing on the blackboard behind him. He was halfway through writing down the test’s subjects, when Ionci started to walk to the teacher’s desk and place down a paper. 

“What’s that?” he asked.
“I finished the test.” answered Ionci, now looking his teacher in the eyes. Ninos could swear there was something in his eyes. They were black, just like smoke. 

‘Weird’, he thought.

“But I haven’t finished writing all of the test’s subjects.” Ninos spoke, unsure.
“But I have.”
“Please, take back your paper and write down the subjects I’m going to write next.”
“No, I have finished.”
“Alright… Leave it here.” said the big blonde in his suit, unsure weather he was high or drunk. Being high would explain the way his eyes looked.

The boy left the paper on the desk, it’s blank backside facing the ceiling. Ninos watched him stray off to his seed shell ornated desk with his bright blue eyes. He closed his eyelids and shook his head. He knew he wasn’t right from the very beginning. Who knew from which kind of household this kid was from. 
Anyways, he straightened his back and banished his thoughts before continuing to write on the blackboard.

When the test was over, the man was left to pick up the papers from the students. Also call an ambulance for a another girl that began to give birth during his class. ‘What happened to them?’
he kept asking himself. All of them were giving birth this month, yet no one saw their bellies grow. It was like they were getting pregnant overnight.
Once again, Ninos held his face in his hand. He was definitely failing. He had a purpose to accomplish. He could already hear God yell at him, after he finally pulls him out of Earth. What if he got ‘fired’? Oh God, what would happen to him if he wasn’t going to work anymore? The thought send shivers down his spine. He knew God was all-loving, but still! Even if nothing was going to happen to him, he would still be shamed by the other angels and saints and looked down upon by the other gods as a failure.

These thoughts send shivers down his spine. 

He headed down to the chancellery with the papers to correct them. He didn’t had another class in two hours, enough time for him to correct them. 

15 (B); 12.5 (E); 19.5 (A); 0 (F); 15.9 (B); 12.6 (E) and so on, as he marked the tests. Then, all of a sudden, he saw Ionci’s test. 
It had all the subjects written, although he turned the paper in before he finished writing all of them. The situation made the teacher wonder, especially since the whole test was perfect; no mistake. 

He cheated, that’s it. There’s no other way. He must have sneaked in the chancellery and steal a look at the subjects. Must’ve used his damn phone of his as well. 0 (F) was for him though, he would fail this test. Cheating wasn’t the way to go with Ninos, the teacher thought and scrunched up his nose in disgust to Ionci’s actions. 

He put the papers back in his folder and walked over to the coffee machine in the back of the room. The big man rewarded himself with a nice hot cup of coffee. His stomach ached with hunger, but the class was more important than his bodily pleasures, so he again made his way to his classes. 
His feet took him up the long stair, and up there he saw another tall and slender student, with blonde hair, aiming his hand at some girls passing by. His hand was twisted in the shape of a pistol, and he repeatedly was ‘firing’ it in the girl’s direction, causing them to flinch ever so slightly.

“What the- are you doing?” Ninos questioned and grabbed the student by his arm. He rarely ever cursed, he knew it was a sin. And he also knew that that one student was no other than Ioanci, his guess being confirmed by the bag of sunflower seeds attached to his belt.
The student turned his red irises and looked into the cerulean ones of his teacher. He looked disturbed and his red eyes turned blue in the blink of an eye, literally. But the older man noticed what he did and took a step back. 

Was he really one of them? Or was he just seeing things?
Now both of their blue orbs stared into each other, like two seas in the middle of a storm. 

“I wasn’t doing anything.” the teen dead-panned in his most serious voice, the foul air escaping his mouth reaching into Ninos’s nostrils, making him cover his nose. There was no doubt now.
“You are-!” he gasped to speak.
“Yes. It was me all along, fool.” the dirty blonde teen said, and lowered his chin into his chest, his eyes glowing red again in the dark provided by the angle.

Everything came off clearly to the man now. His eyes, his ashy smell, his daredevil attitude and everything about him was all so clear now: he was a demon. But who was he, really?

“Th-The-The seeds! You’re Satan’s son!” the teacher remembered. Satan has been around since the dawn of Earth and he had many children, and Ionci was one of them, surely. He was the reason people were living chaos in the antiquity. Although people mistaken his name, he was the bird demon.
“I see your name was Ionci all along.” the French teacher said with seriosity as he was trying not to lose himself. He couldn’t back down on such a powerful entity.
“Yes, I was. I see you already know who I am, ‘Creation of God’.” the other chuckled deeply and grinned his teeth.

Now the hallways were empty.
“Leave to hell and never return, and I’ll spare you.” muttered Ninos, underneath his knitted eyebrows.
“Are you too scared to fight? You should be though, I’ll tear you to pieces and serve you on a plate to your dear ‘Father’.” the teen started laughing again, amused by the insults he created.
“Do not talk about my Father like that!”
“He’s not even your real father. You’re just a prototype, idiot. And I’m just about to destroy God’s little toy.” The golden haired teacher dropped his papers and books to the floor.

“That’s enough!” Ninos’s roar echoed in his throat and into the empty hallways as he launched towards the demon, his blood boiling in his veins. He has heard more than enough to rip him apart limb by limb.
“Come at me, little toy.” he said and grinned once again, waiting for any kind of action to happen.

Ninos came at him with his fists, ready to smash them into his skull, but Ioanci dodged them with ease. The demon landed a punch in the right part of the man’s stomach, right in his liver. He felt his knees underneath weak, but he pushed through the pain and struggled to pin Ioanci to the ground. The demon backed away and let the prototype recover. 
Ninos felt the throbbing pain in his ribs. He felt like throwing up, but he hoped with all his might that God gave him some endurance powers when He created him.

“You’re weaker than I thought. I always wanted to kill you from the moment I heard you were created.” he said and closed the distance between the two of them with another fist to his cheekbone.
“Why did you think I came here as soon as possible? Huh? As soon as I heard a new ‘creation’ has been made, I said I had to see it.”
“And destroy it.”

The evil teen watched as the man before him tried to catch his breath.

He slapped him, sending the sweat droplets flying off from his hair.
“What should I do with you, huh?” Ioanci asked himself and slapped him once again as the teacher waited for it to be over with his painful red cheeks.
“You’re just too weak, what should I do-” Ioanci was cut short by the French man send by God pushing his head towards his knee. 

Ninos smiled for the first time this day. And it was a proud smile.
He kneed him one more time before lifting his face and punching him three more times. He threw him to the ground like a rug.

“God damn you.” he said.

The demon on the cold tiled floor breathed steadily.
Then he let out a piercing shriek that made Ninos cover his ears. The ground began to shake, to his horror. At first he heard it, the low and steady rumbling and clicking, and the students in their classes screaming.

° ° ° 

“Oh God!!” the brunette screamed, panic setting in “What are those?!” she continued.
Francisca in her seat was already hyperventilating from all of the terror, while Ruxi was trying to help her up the desk.
“AAAAAA” shrieked the little blonde, Diana, as the babies were inching closer.
“Where are they coming from?! What are those?!” continued Ruxi to scream, as she now managed to lift Fran up to the desk.

The class was a mess, everyone was panicking and screaming, as they kicked the hissing red eyed babies in their faces, and off themselves.

° ° °   

  Then he saw it, and oh God, was it a terrifying sight.

Babies, hundreds of babies, naked babies, crawling on the floor and the walls, coming from outside, coming through the windows. They did not abide to any form of gravity, and they were coming closer second by second, making Ninos panic.

“Where are they coming from?!” he asked, more to himself.
“Do you really want to know the answer, holy guy?” spoke Ioanci as he sat up on his ass, pushing a fistful of seeds down his throat. 
“No, no I don’t want to know.” he said and shook his head, taking one step back and making a cross on his body. Ioanci smirked at his fear, this was exactly what he wanted obtain from him. 
Fear drives people do irrational things. 
“How though?”
“I shoot them with these bad boyz” Ionci explained and waved around his fingers ” and they get pregnant.”
“What in heavens?” 
“We’re on Earth buddy, enjoy the stay.” 
“Ah!” Ninos yelled out as the first baby fell on his head from the ceiling. 

He had no choice but throw him away; they were half demons anyways, they were monsters. Another one fell on his shoulder and one climbed his leg. Although they were babies, they had sharp teeth and fangs to bite the man, and they did just that. 
Soon enough Ninos found himself overpowered, struggling to survive the babies’s attack.

“Ah! A-Ah! AAAh!” could be heard, and a thump.

The two men turned around to look at what had happened, and saw the school’s principal on the floor, face first. Ionci snapped his fingers, and in an instant the babies disappeared in thin air.
The screams in the classrooms stopped abruptly. Ninos and Ionci looked at each other and nodded. They both ran towards the pretty woman and turned her with her face up. 

Her golden curly locks and burning red lips were enough to make any straight men turn their heads around. Even made the gays wonder what lipstick she was wearing. Of course the two males were attracted to her.

“Dude, we gotta erase her memory.” said the devil.
“Shh, shh, shh, she already hit her head. Miss? Miss?” asked Ninos, but received no answer.
“We have to erase all of their memories.” stated the man.
“Me and my manager-“
“Your dad?” Ninos cut him off to question.
“Yes.” said Ionci and rolled his eyes. “We can erase the teacher’s and the other guy’s memories. Not the student’s though, they require too much devil-power.”
“No one will believe the students anyways.”
“Deal?” asked the teen.
“Deal.” said Ninos without any thought and they shook hands. Not like he did anything wrong anyways; God said humans shouldn’t know about his powers or about too much paranormal. Plus, God didn’t had to know, right? 
‘ Haha. Right…’  he told himself, feeling a drop of sweat slide down the nape of his neck.

“I’ll take her to the nurse’s room. You get this mess solved.” he said towards the tall blonde, that already had his phone up to his ear, calling his ‘manager’. 
“By the way, we-” he gestured to himself and Ionci ” are not done.”



[picture taken from the book called “The Phantoom Booth]