Sitting down on an asteroid, the superior being was thinking hard of what to do. He was sad, almost depressed with his people’s actions. They were falling deeper and deeper into sin, although he did all that he could to lead them to the right path.

“Zeus!” he called into the universe, hoping his pal could hear him.
“Yes, Jehovah.” the Greek divinity appeared by his side, dressed in his usual robe, revealing his shredded torso.
“What should I do? My people won’t go on the right path, even if the path is clearly made of stone? I even send my son to help them make the right choice!”
“Hmmm…” the other god thought.
“We should summon a congress.” He spoke with his thunder-like deep voice.
“I believe Zeus is right.” said Ra from his house of fire, the Sun.
The asteroid was flying close by it.
“Let’s call them then.”

Some of them closed their eyes, some didn’t, and they all telepathically reached their comrades. Some of them couldn’t make it to the conference; they were busy with their own people, some were fighting with each other and some were simply dying.

The thousands of gods that humanity knew at some point or still knows appeared around them, floating in the dark universe.
“What should I do? My people won’t listen me!” The Christian god, Jehovah, said to his co-workers.
A moment of silence passed as the other divinities thought of an answer. They already knew the situation quite well, most of them anyways.
“Punish them!”
“Kill the unfaithful!”
“Demand sacrifices!”
“Bring death upon them!” could be soon heard, resonating from the group.

Most of these responses came from either violent gods or gods that were weakened from people forgetting them, the only things keeping them relevant being studies and documentaries attesting their existence.
“Create a guardian!” someone in the back shouted.
“What?” God asked.
“Someone to keep them from straying off.” someone else continued.

Soon, the majority of the gods approved to the solution, and in matter of minutes they all dispersed and left to do their own job.

° ° °

Alone in his laboratory, God bagan sculpting his human like it was his first time doing this.
His face was oval shaped, his eyes round and gentle. His shoulders firm.
He was slim, but not skinny, proportionately nice looking. Yet he was not a model.  His hair was fine, and God wanted to color it blonde. His chin had a dimple and a short beard covered the lower part of his face.

God then began painting his flesh. His skin was a nice, warm ivory, and his soft eyes blue. His hair blonde, just like God promised he would paint it, matching with the beard.
When he was finished, he breathed life into it, and the man awoke alive. The new creation stood up on the table, and looked at his creator in silence. He was already programmed to know what to do.

“Wait for me here, I’ll bring you all you need.” God said and left for the storage room.

He returned to the naked man with clothes in his hands and with papers.

“Get dressed. These are your identity cards.” he informed.
“Ninos… Frederic?” the man questioned.

“That’s your name.”